Visiting Outer Space (The Mars Exploration)

A lot of people have dreamt of living in other planet except Earth, which might come to reality in a few years from now. The space industry, the Europe and the America has been planning to land humans in Mars between 2024 and 2033. Just like Elon Musk has said he has plans to start his own colony Mars but first, astronauts need to visit the planet to be sure if they are habitable for humans. Currently, Astronauts have been looking at the Red planet and finding more about it including the presence of the second independent origin of life. Mars, currently invaded by human’s robot is the next place that space scientist, technologist and astronauts to visit.


The red planet can easily be spotted in the night sky when viewed with a telescope as a constant dot of red moving through the heavens. The rocky planet is the most similar to home, spinning at almost the same speed as earth but 40 minutes longer than the regular time on earth. It was formed almost the same time with earth about 4.5 billion years ago.

Concerns about Travelling to Mars

The trip from Earth to Mars takes about 7 months to reach which is one of the major concerns of NASA because people going on such a journey will have to cope with unique sets of sickness such as space sickness, mental stress, weaker muscles and eye problem. The opportunity to fly to mars from earth happens every 2 years as the two planets orbits and synchronizes every 22 months which means if the time is missing, another flight can only happen 2 years after.

One of the major concern about travelling to mars is exposure to radiation on the red planet which could increase the risk of developing cancer later in their life. One of NASA’s main objective is to send humans to space and bring them back safely.


SpaceX Colonizing Mars

Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to colonize a part of mars and plans to send two cargo spaceship to mars in 2022, if the spaceship lands successfully, the company will be sending 2 additional cargo spaceship and 2 crew ships in 2024. The goal of the first trip to mars is to find the best source of water while the second flight is to build a propellant plant on Mars. SpaceX plans to build a big city on Mars so as to have humans on two planet.


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