Life Hack | Part 15 | Listening More Then Talking Make Life Happy

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The ability to express our feelings and thoughts is the greatest gift given to us. Words are ideas or plans to express our feelings and emotions. However, when used excessively, it can lead to unexpected results.

In today's world, speaking and listening behaviors are exhibited in a compulsory balance. The noise of unnecessary words can become a thick layer of fog in the environment, preventing people from understanding each other and distracting them.


To communicate better with people, you can read the benefits of less talking and more listening below.

1. Think Before You Speak

As everyone knows, most of us do not think before speaking. In our mutual talks, we act with the feeling of "I must show myself with my speeches", which often leads us to think about where the end of what we say will end. Of course, sometimes we can tell the right things with improvisation. But most of the time, when we talk about a topic, we scream randomly without any quality and meaning of our conversations, know that at this time, nobody is actually listening to you.
Before answering a question asked, take a deep breath and consider how 'urgent' you are to answer. If you have little time, use this. Because you might have more than one thought on the subject at the time, answering after thinking carefully will not only strengthen your expressions, but will also help people listen to you more eagerly.

2. Listen Before Reaching a Conclusion

The need to be fast in our lives simplifies our interactions and makes them useless. Based on just a few words or sentences, it is wrong to make a prejudice about some things or some people without listening. The meaning of really listening is to give time to the other person to finish talking and understand the other person. This also helps you learn about your view and your perspective.

3. Know Your Limits and Speak Accordingly

The bad reputation of the development of the Internet is not the excessive amount of information (excessive information) shared. In fact, the problem is related to the reliability of the information and its relevance to what is sought. You constantly update your activities within the network using social networks, post a blog post, or simply say something to somebody over social networks, so you unknowingly add a bit of smoke to this cloud of fog. Have you ever thought about where the end of what you have to say and how important is what you have to say? Sometimes really, silence is gold. Do not forget this!

4. Get to Know People Better

This means not only talking and chatting with those around you, but also doing something together. After getting up from your seat and having a short team talk, you can start quietly watching the sunset together, playing games together or having a nice dinner together. All this will help you enjoy life at the same time with your loved ones and understand them better.


5. Do More Necessary Instead of Talking

It's a fact that when you talk less, you have more time to do something. Generally the focus is on something that can be accomplished by speaking. However, activating is as important as speaking and expressing your feelings. If you can reduce your conversations for another 5 minutes in a day, your earnings at the end of the month will be 30 days x 5 minutes = 150 minutes, which will take two or two and a half hours. So, what would you like to do during this time?
Of course you can do whatever you want. You can go to the gym, cook for your partner, do your crafts, coach someone or help your neighbor. You name it. In this process, your goal should be to reduce your conversations and to make your life a better life by doing something instead.

6. Write More

Nowadays, we can generate additional income for what we write. If you write something, you will feel more responsible. Writing your words will be less tiring than talking to you. Also, putting your thoughts in writing helps you clear your mind without needing someone else. You can write this blog or a blog post.
Also, something very interesting happens when writing: by being exposed to your thoughts and feelings, you have to listen to yourself. More precisely, you start to discover who you are.

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