Life Hack | Part 14 | 10 Small Changes You Need To Make To Be Happy

Dear Hive Community

Today I will tell you some small changes with that you can keep yourself happy and to your near and dear ones also.

At the end of this article, you can make yourself happier than you are by including the following 10 minor changes in your life.


1. Avoid Shopping

Put the bags aside and stay away from the cash registers! According to Science, the biggest obstacle in the world of being happy is to encourage consumption.
If you think you are happy by shopping, know that this is a temporary pleasure. Remember, you can never buy happiness. Sometimes, when you shop, you may feel guilty or sad, you may not have enough time or money. This is enough to make you unhappy even for a moment.

2. Exercise Frequently

Create a playlist of your favorite music and go to the sport. You don't have to go to the gym, you can also walk in the park and in the garden. You can have a more beautiful appearance by spending calories by doing sports and tightening your muscles. In addition, what underlies our physical components is chemicals called endorphins, when we stop using sugar, endorphins are activated and make you feel better and happier. 20% of people who eat healthy live happier than other people.
After all, doing sports and eating healthy in your daily life will make you feel more excited and happier. This keeps you away from stress and helps you relax.

3. Eat Banana

There is no doubt that banana is the fruit that triggers the work of happiness hormone most. Today, banana is the fruit that has the easiest to carry with you when you need it. It is available in markets almost every season. Banana contains tryptophan (one of the essential amino acids that our body cannot produce by itself) and tyrosine (a non-essential amino acid with hydrophilic and aromatic side chains), and it also provides stronger secretion of the hormone serotonin (a hormone in the digestive system and central nervous system). Eating bananas gives your body and brain a high amount of energy and strength, while helping your body and mind stay away from stress all day long.

4. Worship

Regular worship is the most important factor in increasing your peace of mind. Worshiping will help purify your soul from your anxieties, fears and stress, and reveal your emotions. At the same time, worshiping in worship houses will enable you to socialize and meet new people. It doesn't matter which sect you are from, everybody comes together for a common purpose in their own places of worship, which is "to worship". Worshiping is more optimistic, happy, and in some cases will help you look at it from different angles.


5. Do Good with Hearts

Help people wholeheartedly and don't brag about it. Because making them happy by helping them is a reward for you. It will make you happier to help less fortunate people than you by revealing your skills and your specialties. As a result, you will have something better. Make sure it won't be as hard as you think. Start with the little things. For example, you can prepare a meal for our elderly neighbors or voluntarily cook and serve for the soup houses. When you make someone's life better, seeing the happiness on his face and witnessing his gratitude is an inexplicable pleasure.

6. Spend Time With Your Friends

Laughing is the best recipe to increase your happiness during the day. You can come together with your friends to remember your old memories or chat about your current lives. But stay away from the gossip and be careful not to expose the rows given to you. Otherwise, this may drag you into a major disaster instead of making you happy. So leave them aside and let it flow with your pleasant conversations.

7. Make Your Daily Plan

Sorting what you will do during the day by planning ahead takes you one step further from stress and tension. Prepare a list of dishes you will make one week in advance. Take a few minutes every evening, decide the clothes for the next morning and prepare. Repeat this every evening, make it a habit. This will save you from the nightmare of “what I wear”, and make you wake up happier in the morning. Remember, planning your actions in advance is one way to feel a little happier.

8. Eat Healthy

Eating a healthy and balanced diet allows your metabolism to work all day long. While this gives you the energy you need all day long, it also helps you feel good. Take care to consume natural products. Avoid ready and processed foods. Processed foods can cause you to feel tired all day, gas accumulation in the body and digestive system disorder. Be sure, when you feed them with lean proteins such as fish or chicken with a salad, your memory and focus will be strengthened. Don't forget the banana.


9. Turn Off the TV

The desire to turn on the TV actually reduces your happiness level and harms your health, just because there is sound inside the room or you think it will comfort you. Turn off the TV while eating, doing or spending time with your family. These kinds of activities help you focus on those around you and reduce your stress level. Many television programs contain negative news, accidents, crimes, violence and chaos, which increase the stress rate in the human body. Instead of watching TV, try listening to jazz or classical music. This kind of music will relax your brain and body. Turn off the TV, find yourself a replacement, read a book or spend time with your family.

10. Meditate

To start a happy day, you should reflect the peace in you in the morning. Concentrate on positive thoughts, bring your achievements to your eyes in a series. This increases your confidence and the value you give yourself. Take a deep breath and change your thoughts with meditation. Showing interest and love to people will come back to you more as happiness.

You don't need to change your whole life to find happiness. You can start this change by getting these simple habits in your daily life.

So what are you waiting for,stand up and move on

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