Life Hack | Part 12 | Take 10 Minutes To Get Started With New Change

Dear Hive Community

While I was drinking the first tea this morning, the housemate spoke from the main gate and said - come a scene worth watching ... I said what happened …?? Come on, look right, mangoes are being sold in Vegan R.

I got up and saw a man in a Vegan R brought a man in the back seat and a trunk with about 10-15 carats of mangoes in a carriage scale she had a companion who was making a voice. Take a mango 2 kg of 100 mangoes, now everyone has a mask on their face, then suddenly no one recognizes but that mango seller recognized me


Hey Rahul brother, do you live here…?? I said yes ... He did down a little mask, so I also recognized him, He was Rajiv. I said, Oh, when did you start selling mangoes ... Yours is a wholesale work of glasses.

Said Rahul Brother used to fill glasses in this car and used to supply in the nearby villages, but due to the lockdown, all the village seals, and city seals. After this sudden incident and the public down, the tension started to bother ,how the car installment would go, How will I pay the house rent, how will the expenses of the house die daily. We are a man who earns every day by earning, No savings - not even how will the savings go Man said again??

Said Rahul Brother, I sat in empty house for just 3 days. And after that thought that he would not be able to walk like this. After that, he went to the agricultural market and brought 5 carats of mangoes and sold 50 kg of mangoes on the first day. 600 / - profit was made in a 100-150 gas burning car still survived 400-450 then slowly the quantity increased now I sell about 10 carat means 100 kg of mangoes everyday mangoes Rs 36-37 a kg is available from the market. I sell Rs 50 / kg 1200-1300 is the profit of the day.


Driving alone, then unloading then giving weight, making sounds, having trouble, then took My sister in law boy Prakash with me I pay him 200 / - daily and 20 liters of gas. 800 / - net profit. Brother is saved every day.

He kept on speaking, my eyes were torn. In just 3 days, this boy strengthened himself mentally and got a business conversion and earned 40 thousand in 50 days. And gave employment to a fellow with himself and here I and my other like me Middle class people are just getting worried about their future, what will happen next..But we are just worrying not action.

Rajiv is fulfilling his responsibilities with his earnings even in such a difficult time, not with debt .No shame that I am a wholesaler of glasses, how will I sell Mangos on road.

This was a small example.Now you and we also understand with firmness. We have to be ready for a big change.

After this lockdown, many businesses will be completely destroyed, many new ones will be born. All the business related to luxury will be stalled or slow down. It will be difficult to make the routine expenses. But many new business developments related to basics needs and hygiene. Will be started.

I read an article a few days ago that 'Business does not die just changes the form’. We will also take decisions like Rajiv and have to take a quick decision as no one has stopped spending. But the money is blocked.


Did not necessarily have to go out to sell mangoes with all the cars. But now you have to think how you will convert your business or you may not have a need where you used to work. Those institutions only Change your business, then where will your skill work? You will be at risk for losing your employment.

You have to prepare yourself mentally for new situations from now on because the lockdown will end and troubles will start yet everything is relaxed because all is stopped.

There will be a lot of changes like nothing was there before.

So what are you waiting for just prepare for the change that going to happen

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