Ethical Hack | Part 1 | 20 Negative Reality Thoughts Keep People Away From Dreams

Dear Hive Community

Question your life from time to time, where do you want to be, what are your dreams and desires, how much have you been able to achieve, what has broken your courage, what are your breaking points?

Excuses, negative speech and way of thinking are some of the common problems that prevent our dreams from coming true. We do not notice all these negativity until they discourage us from what we want to lay on our way.

You can change yourself to move your dreams and goals. When you manage to isolate the negative thoughts below from yourself, you will always be open to new experiences in life.


1. I'm too old to start

If you are still breathing and living, you have the possibilities to turn your life around. So, you're not too late for anything. Every age has its own beauty, all you need is will and will.

2. I Don't Have Enough Skill

Having skills is not enough to succeed, it only helps you to move faster, hard work and dedication is a must.

3. I was not born in the right place

The people you live in and your surroundings may have negatively affected your view of life, but this does not mean that your attitude and attitude remain constant. You are in control of your life, you can make new choices according to your own truths and feelings.

4. Monetary Infrastructure Insufficient

Money is a very important power that makes people dream in the shortest way, but every human being is a potential source of power and wealth as much as their mind, heart and soul. The real success is what you get thanks to your inner possibilities and skills.

5. I'm Not Smart Enough

Get away from the idea that you do not have enough equipment to achieve your goals, even if you have set a goal for yourself is a sign that you are very clever. You are only yourself between your goals and you.

6. I Do Not Have Support For This

Sometimes on the difficult road leading to our ideals, a supporter comes out and keeps income while you think helplessly, and your journey is completed successfully, the owner of this success is your supporter. The main success is the success we will achieve with your equipment and efforts, using your own means. You can start by motivating yourself.

7. I Do Not Have Enough Time To Discover

Stop whining that I don't have my own time, start your special day with a pen and a notebook, what do you expect from life, what are your goals, wishes and desires, write and evaluate. You will definitely notice that you have a lot of wasted time. From now on, create time for yourself on behalf of your dreams and goals and spend it in the way you want.

8. My Family And Friends Find My Capacity Insufficient

No one other than yourself may have noticed your skills. Assuming that you have never experienced the negative feelings and thoughts of your family and your environment about your capacities and abilities, you should wipe away all the negativities and get out of your life. With the driving force in you, go on a trip that you can reach your dreams.

9. Can I Succeed?

I wonder and we will always have our lives, life continues with great mystery; How today, what will happen tomorrow, these are the naturalness of mystery and life. We should always embrace life as it is, with positive emotions and thoughts.

10. I Was Targeted To Another Way

You have many different options that you can reach your goals, fixing at one point can sometimes affect you negatively. You should take advantage of all the possibilities that life offers, do not limit yourself to a single goal.


11. I'm Not Lucky Enough

We are all lucky at all times, but we may not be able to see the opportunities offered due to our lack of preparation. Make your preparations believing that luck will knock on your door too, so you will see that you are actually creating your luck.

12. I Don't Have The Right Trainers

In this world, if you want to learn, you just need to use your fingers to access all kinds of information, which will reveal free and useful information. Just ask to get started.

13. No Success in My Fate

In time, we have made or applied decisions about our life or are indispensable, and as a result of these wrong or right decisions, success or failure squares occur in our lives. If you can still say destiny to your current situation, it means that you could not make accurate decisions and succeed, so you should continue your experiments.

14. I Don't Have Enough Motivation

Motivation is a sense of self-creation and renewal, meaning that if you have not achieved your wishes in your life, you do not have enough requests, beliefs and efforts. If you aim to reach your goals, your motivation will increase.

15. Environmental Events Confuse Me

There will always be exciting, entertaining events around you. When you realize your ideals by working in a disciplined way and take yourself one step further, you will get a greater pleasure from participating in environmental events.

16. I Have Not Enough Education

There is no rule that education and training can only be taken from the school, the experience and experiences you have gained while you are living have already graduated from the school of life. Bring what life gives you now.


17. I Cannot Fail

Such a belief is not true, what we think we cannot cope with in our lives is actually what we refuse because we accept them or not. Learn to be able to detach yourself from such results and consider this process a journey of self-discovery.

18. I Will Start Tomorrow

There is no tomorrow for a new beginning, if you really have time to do something today, evaluate opportunities now. This will increase your motivation and energy, with this driving force, you can start your program immediately.

19. I'm Not Ready

Without a start, you can not hear the feeling that you're never ready. Take the time to learn, it protects you from making mistakes, see what you can do preparatory work develops as we learn more.

20. Can I do not believe I will

Your beliefs will guide you on your way to your goals by guiding you, strong beliefs are the trigger of your success. When you start your life will be easier. Stop putting obstacles in the way of your dreams right now, and hit the road and succeed.

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