6 tactics to convert your prospects.

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To renew traditional practices that are running out of steam, some marketers are turning to neuromarketing. This emerging discipline, sometimes criticized, aims to better understand consumer behavior by identifying the brain mechanisms that come into play during a purchase or when faced with an advertisement.


We are all different, but in many cases our brains tend to respond in very similar ways. Knowing these common elements helps you find other ways to convince and convert potential buyers.

Discover 6 techniques you can use to create a more effective sales experience.

  1. Play devil's advocate
    Have you ever tried to take the opposite view of what a prospect says?
    By using this technique, old as the world, you push him to think and answer his own questions; he will be all the more open and ready to listen to your arguments. This makes it easier to dismiss objections and speed up the purchase decision.

  2. Create urgency ... intelligently
    Creating a sense of urgency is one of the oldest tricks ... and one of the best nonetheless. Who has never heard: “Don't delay making up your own mind, this is the last copy. However, this sense of urgency can backfire if you don't give specific instructions . Don't be vague, say exactly what to do when the time comes. “Call today on the number…”.

  3. Admit your shortcomings
    Admitting your shortcomings is the best strategy to showcase your strengths. Some studies have shown that companies that admit to being wrong rather than blaming it on external causes are viewed much more favorably. Customers don't ask for unnecessary details. But by admitting mistakes, you show your customers that you are in control and are reluctant to come up with excuses.

  4. Use labels
    Research suggests that people like to be tagged, and that they are more likely to respond to messages directed at a group if they feel included in it. Our brains seek to maintain a sense of coherence (even artificial), and this is why the toe-in-the-door technique works so well, even on prepared minds. Don't be afraid to segment and label, people like to feel part of a group they approve of.

  5. Promise an immediate reward
    There are few things our brains love more than immediate stimulation . In the case of your prospects, it's about being instantly rewarded for doing business with you. A customer who is about to buy is greatly influenced by how quickly he can receive the desired item.

Several MRI studies have shown that the frontal cortex is very active when we are "waiting" for something. And words like “instant”, “immediately”, or even just “fast” are known to trigger the midbrain activity that makes us so eager to buy.

  1. Know how to sell to 3 types of buyers
    Regardless of the industry, every business will have to deal with 3 types of buyers. Neuroscientists have defined human spending habits as a process of "spending till it hurts!" ". Understanding the different pain thresholds is essential to increasing your sales.

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