How to market your content creation business

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As a content creator you may not be aware of it but you are actually running a business and with every business you need customers that consume your goods. In your case your content is your product and you hope that the customers/readers will upvote what you have produced.

Without traffic no revenue

You can make the nicest post and spend a lot of time on making it look nice. You will make no income if nobody sees it! This is the big problem of users that are new on the blockchain. They spend a lot of time on their posts and then they are frustrated that they get so few readers and so little income from it.

If you want to be a successful content creator you have to market your business

How to market your content creation business?

When I speak about marketing your business, you probably have difficulties to understand what I mean by that. How do you market your business and your products? How do you get readers? Unfortunately there is no secret ingredient for that. It requires hard work and it takes generally some time to see results.

Your marketing starts with your brand and with the packaging of your products. But there is much more to it...

Increase your brand awareness

Before a company starts to promote its products, it should always first try to promote the brand. This means promoting the company first. It's the same for content creation. If you promote your brand and people start to know you, they will also start to consume your products. The other way around seldom works. This should be your main focus and it is actually quite easy to do.

The best way to increase your brand awareness is to show up on other people's post. Read their content give upvotes and give meaningful comments. There are plenty of ways to do that and I would like to give you some tips how you can do it:

  • Select some authors that are responsive. Meaning that they answer the comments on their posts. Preferably select people that are into this for some time already. Follow these authors and comment their posts regularly. You will see that after a while there will be a kind or relationship emerging from it.
  • The big golden rule here is that you really care about what they write and you don't just copy past the same comment everywhere.
  • You should only select as many authors as you have time to read and comment their work. You can start for example with 5 to 10 authors.
  • In your posts and comments don't hesitate to mention the work of these people when they inspire you. Everybody likes a mention and it will deepen this relationship even more.
  • Join communities and tribes and interact with them, learn from them and participate in the life of the community.

You will suddenly see that people start to mention and reblog your content and this will definitely help to develop your brand. It's a long process but I believe that it is the best way to promote your brand in an organic way.

Promote your products

It's always a good idea to promote your content. There are some nice ways to promote your content over discord servers or telegram channels. Maybe you can also promote your content on traditional social media like twitter, facebook or even youtube.

Use the tools of affiliate marketing to promote your content

The most efficient way to promote your content is to use the tools that professional marketers are using. A couple of months ago, I downloaded an e-book that was written by Erik Gustafsson (@flaxz). To get this e-book, I followed a link in the signature of one of his posts. I had to provide my e-mail address and accept to receive e-mails from him. In other words I was added to his e-mail list. Every day I receive an e-mail from Erik where he links to his most recent post on Hive.

The probability to read Erik's post is for me around 50%. I have the choice to read it or not to read it. Just imagine how much bigger the probability for me is to read Erik's posts compared to all the other authors on the blockchain who don't send me an e-mail?

Marketing and especially engaging should be a very important focus of your business. Another very important aspect is to keep the existing customers happy and to maintain these relationships. This will be the topic of the next post in this series.

This post is part of a series in which I want to rise the awareness that content creation is a business. The previous posts:

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