Read only mode for - Complete shut down date announced

We have done zero development on for a year and focused fully on Well over 5 months ago we announced the sunset of due to lack of time we finally got around to it and are now on stage 2.


As of today
There is now no more posting content from
And the vast majority of other pages are turned off.

You will be able to read posts
And maybe access pages you know the direct link for.
You'll even be able to use wallet
... For a month.

The site will be completely turned off on may 1st for the final stage of the sunset.
All posts from before the fork will be directed to as to not break links.

Our team invites you to enjoy
"Social Media with True Ownership"

If your account existed for over a year on Steem you should be able to log in directly to if not we invite you to get an account quick and for free.

We have been and are developing dozens of new features monthly for