Integrating STEEM to HIVE exchange feature from

This 3rd party made this feature converting STEEM to HIVE here's there announcement

we thought this was interesting enough to integrate into steempeak.
The fee is presently 0.7% which includes the 0.2% binance fee. So it's about a .5% fee for your time saving.


Go to your wallet on and click on the options for STEEM token.


Just say how much STEEM you want to convert to HIVE.

All steempeak is really doing is adding the correct account in the TO: field and then the right memo and some reminders about the service. You do NOT need steempeak UI to do this but we hope it helps save a bit of time for you.
You're trusting and they have done several other projects that have never disapointed anyone's trust so that's why we integrated them into the UI.



What are your thoughts about what to do next for
The full powerdown time frame for steem has happened since Hive came about.
There's little connecting us to Steem anymore... steemit often censors our posts anyway
Remove the site entirely? Leave just the wallet? Or just leave it all alone ... because who cares?

We already removed our hivemind server recently on steempeak saving us some money.
We allowed users to add a message to their account forwarding them to PeakD

Shutting off the site takes work doing nothing takes no work... and honestly we've been able to put all our time on PeakD.
The site get's less and less users every week with about 3 times less users than peakd (i expect many are users here on PeakD intrigued about what is going on over at Steem... and there are 5 times less page views so it seems like way less time spent over there)
There are 6 times less posts being created on steempeak vs peakd... but not sure who all is really using steempeak to post. I suspect there is some copy posting going on aka people posting same thing to both places. But i'm not sure.
Also none of the posts on the ALL PAGES (trending page) use steempeak.

So who uses both... who would be sad to see steempeak go... and why? Because you get thoughtful interaction over there or lots of page views?

Can we turn off just creation of posts or turn off the whole thing? Why do we even care what happens? Doing nothing has been a fine approach but at some point it likely just stops getting used naturally and no one has to get up in arms about anything.
It hasn't been hurting PeakD or Hive has it? How so?
If we did turn it off would it instead be a forwarding to PeakD or what?

I (@jarvie) just personally started a powerdown for my brother so i'm kinda thinking at least 4 more weeks then i'm personally totally out of STEEM. But then again we still have Steem Keychain for wallet stuff.

Anyway we honestly don't spend enough time thinking about this subject to really care enough to make a plan to shut it down. It would save us a bit of money to shut down... but i think i like the approach to just let it fade away but we're open to thoughts.