My Entry To LMAC round 137 | Beautiful Desert 🏜️ Park 🏞️

It's another great opportunity for hive creatives to earn good quantities of hive in a contest known as Let's Make A Collage by @shaka
In the contest is reference image by @shaka

This reference image must be used to create an artistic design by combining it with other images from platforms that offers free images such as pixabay,, etc.
After that, the link of the contest image is submitted to the contest post for assessment.
Below is my entry design for week 137 of LMAC.

I used these image to make my wonderful collage.

Fractal art
Drums - Low Front View By @donroberts
Table with Fruit - Side By @donroberts
Carnival - Ferris Wheel - Side By @donroberts
City on a river. By @shaka
Great Blue Heron By @redheadpei
Fishing Boat By @redheadpei
Fisherman Sitting By @agmoore

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