My Entry To LMAC round 133 | Clown Sky City

Do you like clowns?
Yes, you should.
By the way, have you watched It's Chapter 2?
Hahaha. Checkout that movie asap if you've not watched it.
Okay. Let's make a collage.
This is my entry to @shaka's LMAC round 13.


All images were blended using an Android mobile phone image editor.

Contest image

I used these images in my collage.


Clown gruesome face
Clown fear
Humor dancing clown
Wing of an Airplane By @louis88
Kiddie Pool By @agmoore
View from the plane By @seckorama

You're welcomed to join us in LMAC. [Click here]( to visit @shaka's contest post. Thanks visiting my post.
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