My Entry To Let's Make A Collage Round #136 | A Whole New World

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us "no"
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming


This is extracted from one of the sound tracks- 'A whole new world' of the movie, Aladdin with lyrics by ZAYN & Zhavia Ward.

The present world we live in is filled with vile, destruction, suffering, insecurities and death. Most persons live in fear of what may befall them the next second, a person whom you spoke with few minutes ago maybe be down by unknown gun men. Stereotypes, racism, religion, belief and power has caused a lot of tearing apart between siblings, families, neighbors and humans at large. Well, a father desires for something better for his child. A land filled with love, peace, harmony- a whole new world.
Just as Dr strange who can open portals using his ring, the fairies have opened up the portal to his desires.

I used these pictures to achieve this

Eagle In Flightby @redheadpei

Fairyby @eve66

Fire ring

Fantasy road

Reference image

Hello everyone, here's my entry to the weekly lmac contest hosted by @shaka. As one of the rules of this contest, here's the entry link @shaka/lets-make-a-collage-a-contest-for-all-creatives-on-hive-round-136-256-hive-in-the-prize-pool. If you make great designs here's the opportunity you shouldn't resist.
Thank you for visiting my collage and post.
Happy Sunday.

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