LMAC99: Exercise Zoom

Hello LMAC community!

That's my entry to the Let's make a collage - Round 99.

I always try to push my imagination to the limit, even if the result looks strange or even absurd. I believe it's difficult to accept this for those who expect a standard aesthetic and harmony of colours, space and objects...

In the most general sense, the main actor in this animation is a fruit stand that has come to life and wants to be something more - let's say a jumper and not just a fruit stand. The flying apple worm is just an observer and has nothing to do with the fruit stand. 😁

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I have used the following sources for the collage:

The process of creating a collage - animation:

The collage is made in Photoshop.

First, I prepare the objects - I made the Fruit stand transparent and the Flying apple worm deformed a bit.


Then I placed the objects on the base image in layers. I enlarged the fruit stand in each frame to the middle and then scaled it back down to the original size. And I got the effect of moving back and forth.

Hope you have fun!


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Stay Healthy!
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