LMAC 102: Expedition

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That's my entry to the Let's make a collage - Round 102.

Stephen Hawkings once said:

I don't think the human race will survive another thousand years unless we expand into space.

So, this was the inspiration for my collage here. We found the planet, set up the base and research the planet.
What we're looking for? Rare metals, of course, without them phones and everything else that connects us don't work.
Well, we'll destroy another planet in the process, but it doesn't matter ...

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Sources used for the collage:

The process of creating a collage:

The collage is made in Photoshop.
First, I created the background for the collage.


Then, I clear the backgrounds of other elements and add them as layers in the picture created in first step.


Hope you have fun!


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