LIL: Entry To The LMAC Image Library #6

Hello LMAC community!

My sixth contribution to the LMAC Image Library (LIL). There are photos taken last few months but I'm also looking in my archives if something is appropriate for the gallery.

LMAC Image Library is getting better and better every day, thanks to @quantumg who developed it.

In this post, there are various photos, some of them older, that I have retrieved from the archives. I still think it's better to have them published somewhere than just sitting on discs.
Photos are under the Public Domain as required in LIL, with a resolution of 2000 x 1125 pixels, taken mostly by LG G7ThinQ.
You can use them for anything and anywhere, without restrictions.

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Hohenwerfen castle castle, Hohenwerfen, Austria, medieval, architecture, walls
House house, building, architecture
Typical house, central Germany house, building, architecture, Germany
Model of Concorde airplane, aircraft, model
Dinner dish, dinner, steak, potatoes, meat, beer, salad, food
Ornamental shrub bush, shrub, ornamental, flower, garden
Rainbow after the rain rainbow, rain, colors, clouds
Big Emma tavern, advertising, statue, pub
JΓ€gersteak steak, dinner, meat, food, dish
Craft beer beer, brewing, craft, local, brewery
Athos is resting animal, animals, dog, pet, rest
Spider animal, animals, insect, insects, spiders, spider
Cactuses cactus, plants, plant, cactuses, cacti
Horn of the roe deer animal, animals, deer, antlers, skull
Coat of arms of the Hunting Association heraldry, coat of arms, hunters
Horn and skull of a deer Animal, animals, deer, wild, antlers
Beer stein and kerosene lantern stein, lamp, lantern, glass
Owl animals, animal, bird, owl, statue
Giraffe animal, animals, giraffe, zoo
African pig animal, animals, pig, zoo
Ferry ferry, ship, transport, island, sea, water

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