✨ 100 Rounds of LMAC ✨ - Jubilee Special - Creativity is in each of Us..


Here is my gif for ✨ 100 Rounds of LMAC ✨ - Jubilee Special -.

It's so true the phrase "something that is as simple as it is difficult", it may seem simple to be able to create anything from a blank sheet of paper, instead it was really hard to come up with the idea.

So in the end I went with what I like to do most and that is non-static images through a small gif to recount these 100 rounds of LMAC by inserting a few images those who have won the various editions of the contest overflowing from the cart because they want to get out there and get noticed.

And they couldn't miss the pets that I adore.😜

LMAC gives me the opportunity to rediscover my creative side because when we become adults we only have time for work, study, family, friends and we often leave our old passions.

I appreciate the fact that everyone is welcome at LMAC, even those who, like me, are not artists but love to play with images.

The LMAC community has been welcoming to me from the beginning, it's not easy to be on a platform where it's not easy to get noticed among so many other users.
And it also happens that you drop out because you can't fit in.

Instead in LMAC there is room for everyone. And I appreciate this so much and being included and noticed gives you the desire to do better and not stop.

In fact, I would like to take this opportunity to thank @shaka and all the community members who have always supported me. Thanks a lot.

Wow, I went on a bit too long, I hope I wasn't too boring, I wish everyone good luck with this special edition of the contest.


I edited my work using Canva with its free tools.

I hope you like my choice.

Thanks a lot for stopping by here.

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