LMAC Round 126: Messenger From The Spirit Realm

Greeting Everyone and good luck with your creations.

Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 126 - ✨295 HIVE in the Prize Pool!✨

In my collage the city has been visited by one of the angels of light because of the corruption and disease there. She was send there by the Archangel Michael to help fight the evil forces that have taken control of the people and led to many deaths.

This gentle angel is not like the usual warriors in Michael’s angel army and is of the first guard.

She releases music and butterflies to help guide the residents as her other winged companion, the dove, looks on.


Template provided by @shaka. This image is used to start your collage.


Check Here for information on the contest.

My additions:

Special thanks to long-time community member and multiple LMAC winner @justclickindiva for sponsoring this round with an amazing 100 HIVE and to the guest judge this week, @edgarafernandezp.

20% to @lmac community
2% each to @onyechi, @justclickindiva, @edgarafernandezp.


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