LMAC Celebrating 100 Rounds: Do Not Turn Around

Yay! 🎉Celebrating one hundred rounds of wonderful creative collages started three years ago by @shaka.🎉🥂

In my collage a lighthouse overlooks the water. Most days the water is calm but this afternoon the water is alive with dangerous creatures.

The Great Blue Heron doesn’t like the commotion and decides to find another body of water to fish for his dinner.

The mermaid jumps on the No Turn Around sign to get away from the giant iguana. The iguana chased her from the rock she was sunbathing on and is making aggressive gestures towards her.

The water is guarded by the fierce gargoyle and no harm will come to the mermaid under his watch. He has kept her safe for one hundred years and still no one suspects his secret crush on the beautiful blue mermaid.


I started my collage with the first collage photo posted by #shaka back in 2018 Here
and added the frame.



Photo provided by @shaka three years ago to start the collage.


My additions:

  • From Klipartz

  • Gargoyle from my own photos

  • Sky in MotionLeap

    Lmac 20%
    @evagavilan2, @donroberts, @agmoore 2 % each

    If you are interested in joining the fun check 👉 Here for the rules to the collage contest.

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