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My Tenth entry of images for the LMAC Image Library (LIL).

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All photos are mine and have been photographed by me at various times.

‘Transparent’ is one of the keywords and the images can be used immediately in collages.

Cyclist Bike, Man, Male, Cyclist, Bicycle, Sports, Transparent
Motorcycles Motorcycle, People, Sports
Farm Farm, Buildings, Barn, Transparent,
Dog Friends Pets, Dog, Dogs, Animals, Two, Transparent
A Fox Visits Fox, Wild Animal, Animals, Animals, Transparent
Fox Visits Back Deck In Wintertime Fox, Red Fox, Wild Animal, Animal, Animals
Red Fox Fox, Red Fox, Wild Animal, Animal, Animals, Transparent
Silver Fox In The Rain Fox, Silver Fox, Wild Animal, Animal, Animals
Squirrel Squirrel, Wild Animal, Animals, Animal, Small
Cat Hiding In The Grass Cat, Cats, Pets, Pet, Animal, Grass
Lobster Boat Boat, Boats, Lobster Boat, Water, Man
Statue of Glooscap Statue, Mi’kmaq Legend, Native, Indian, Man

I saw the majestic statue of Glooscap when driving near Truro, Nova Scotia, by the Glooscap Interpretive Center located on Highway 102.

The statue stands 12 meters (app. 39 feet) high.

Mi’kmaq legends say Glooscap is the first human, created out of a bolt of lightning hitting the earth.

Story of Glooscap is one of creation;

The first man, Glooscap, is created from a bolt of lightning. The bolt hits the Earth and his body is created on the Earth’s surface. He is lying with his head in the direction of the rising sun and his feet are facing the setting sun. His arms are outstretched to the north and south. When the lightning meets with the elements of the Earth that make up Glooscap’s body, a life force is created. When lightning hits a second time, Glooscap develops fingers and toes, and seven sacred parts to his head (two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth) appear. At the third bolt of lightning, Glooscap is freed from the surface of the Earth to walk and move about. Glooscap gives thanks to Mother Earth and Grandfather Sun for his creation, and pays his respects to the South, the West, the North and the East directions. Once returning to the east where he was created, Glooscap is visited by an eagle that tells him he will soon be joined by his family to help him understand his place in this world. The eagle drops a feather, which Glooskap catches. This feather gives him strength and serves as a symbol of connection between his people and the Giver of Life, Grandfather Sun and Mother Earth

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