LIL: Fractals For LMAC Gallery

The following selections are from fractal art I experimented with and created five years ago.

How the fractals turned out was not always what I was going for at the time. I gave each a name to go with the design and thought they could be useful in posts or collages.

This is the twelfth entry of my images for the LMAC Image Library (LIL).

Dreamcatcher Fractal Art, Fractals, Dreamcatcher, Background, Mysterious
Digital Flower Fractals, Digital Art, Flower, Pink, Background, Fractal Art
Chaotic Flower Flower, Digital Art, Fractals, Fractal Art, Green, Mysterious
Stars Star, Stars, Digital Art, Fractals. Fractal Art, Mysterious, Background, Pink
Bubbles & Balls Ball, Balls, Bubbles, Circle, Circles, Digital art, Background, Fractals, Fractal Art, Mysterious
Six-Pointed Star Star, Stars, Digital Art, Fractals, Fractal Art, Pink, Background, Clover, Mystical
Dust Mop Duster, Dust Mop, Digital Art, Fractal Art, Fractals, Mysterious, background, Blue, Pink
Purple Moon Moon, Sky, Background, Purple, Digital Art, Fractals, Background, Fractal Art,
Purple Mystery Thing A Ma Jig Purple, Mysterious, Thing A Ma Jig, Fractals, Fractal Art, Digital Art,
Five-Leaf Clover Clover, Plant, Five, Green, Fractals. Fractal art, Background, Digital art
Digital Octopus Digital Art, Fractals, Octopus, Tendrils, Background
Purple Haze Fractals, Digital Art, Purple Haze, Stars, Purple, Background, Mysterious
Orange Bubbles Circle, Balls, Bubbles Orange, Fractals, Digital Art, Background
Colorful Balls Balls, Circles, Orbs, Fractals, Bubbles, Christmas, Digital Art, Background
Bubbles Background Bubbles, Lights, Background, Fractals, Digital Art Circles
Christmas Balls Christmas, Balls, Decoration, Bubbles, Fractals, Fractal Art, Digital Art, Background, Mysterious

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