LIL: Churches & My Cat Photos For LMAC

My eleventh entry of images for the LMAC Image Library (LIL). This selection is mainly Churches I have taken photos of at various times. The last three images are of my cat called Red.

United Church Church, United Church, Building, Religion, Transparent
Church Steeple Church, Steeple, Building, Religion, Transparent
Church At St. George, PEI Church, Country, Trees, Road, Religion
Catholic Church Church, Catholic Church, Building, Religion
Former Baptist Church At Uigg, PEI Church, Historic, Baptist, Building, Religion, Wooden, Transparent
Free Church Of Scotland Church, Building, Wooden, Religion, Snow
Three Steeples In Charlottetown, PEI Steeples, Church, Religion,
St. Francis Of Assisi Shrine Church, Shrine, People, Men, Women, Outdoors, Umbrella, Yellow, Building
Gravel Road Passing The St. Francis Of Assisi Shrine Road, Gravel Road, Country, Autumn, Landscape, Trees,
Presbyterian Church, PEI Church, Building, Religion, Presbyterian
Church Window Window, Church, Glass, Transparent,Religion
My Cat Red Cat, Cats, Pets, Pet, Animal, Transparent
Red Poses For A Photo Cat, Cats, Pets, Pet, Animal, Animals, Transparent
Red On His Favorite Spot-Top Of The China Cabinet Cat, Cats, Pets, Animals, Animal

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