LIL: Angel Images For LMAC Gallery

Images of angels , with background removed, I have photographed at various times.

This post is my fourteenth entry of images for the LMAC gallery (LIL)

Child Angel Angel, Angels, Wings, Child, Transparent, Heavenly Being
Child Protecter Angel Angel, Angels, Wings, Child, Protecter, Transparent, Heavenly Being
Boy & Girl Angels Angels, Angel, Boy, Girl, Lawn Ornament, Flower, Wings, Transparent
Cat Angel Angel, Angels, Cat, Cat Angel, Wings, Lawn Ornament, Transparent
Christmas Duck Christmas, Wooden Duck, Duck, Wooden Statue, Transparent
Sister Angel Angel, Angels, Sister, Sister Angel, Heavenly Being, Transparent, Wings
Angel Snow Globe Angels, Angel, Snow Globe, Snow, Circle, Round, Globe
Praying Angel Angel, Angels, Praying, Wings, Heavenly Being, Child, Transparent
Wallpaper Of Butterflies & Roses Background, Roses, Butterflies, Wallpaper
Long Bearded Santa Santa, Santa Claus, Christmas, Beard, Transparent

#LIL gallery is a library of free images we are collecting for everyone on Hive to use. Check 👉 [Here]( ) for user information.

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