Art and Science, an LMAC Special:Two Angels On Guard

This week’s contest is an Art & Science Special by STEMsocial & Let's Make a Collage!.

In this LMAC/ STEMsocial special, all participants are asked to interpret the exciting theme of dark matter and let this fascinating substance materialize as a collage.

In this collage two angels come out of the mysterious dark matter. One controls the seas and the other the sky.

One is a warrior angel sending fire balls into space to keep space waste from reaching earth while the other angel is sending love and healing down to mankind.


Image provided to start your collage


Image Credit:Jerry Thomas - public domain

My additions:

Beneficiaries and ones I missed in previous collage.
@lmac 40%
@quantumg 4%
@eve66 2%
@muelli 2%
@seckorama 2%

For more information on this week’s collage check @shaka’s post Here. LMAC is teaming up with @STEMsocial for this contest.

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