The Underwater - Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 136 - ✨256 HIVE in the Prize Pool!✨

Hello everyone ! A collage of mine results from the main photo manipulation provided by the contest hosts this week. A child standing in the room and looking out at the underwater scenery. Here it is:
the underwater castle - realmaya.jpg
Do you like creating unique and amazing collages? Come join this week's contest, you can read the rules at the following link LMAC Contest Round 136 Announcement - ✨256 HIVE in the Prize Pool!✨☀️. Here are some photos and their sources that I used to create this collage:

LMAC Library / Gallery:

Bench - Side contributed by @donroberts
Boy Standing On Rocks contributed by @redheadpei
Ventana / window contributed by @lunaturqueza
The Other Sources

  1. Angelfish 1 - Pure PNG
  2. Angelfish 2 - Pure PNG
  3. Mujer Joven Submarino - Pixabay
    Template / Original Image by @shaka

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