Wedrams Castle - LMAC 49

Dear Hivians,

I definitely wanted to take part in the LMAC Contest this round too, although I am in the middle of the preparings for my vacation to the Black Forrest (Southern Germany / Swabia). As a result of my lack of time, I couldn't invest as much time in this collage as I would have liked.
It is always very hard to stop working on collages. But this time I only had about one hour. That hurt my muse very much. :-(
But it comforts me because at least I managed to take part.
For the next LMAC round, I'll be sitting on the terrace of my holiday apartment in the Black Forest, where I can make my collage with the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves in the wind. :-D

You have no idea what LMAC is?
Just come over and take a look to one of the most creative communities in the Hive. Every week we have a collage contest where you too can challenge your creativity. And if you don't yet know exactly how to participate, just take a look at the LMAC school. Hard work is being done right now to provide tutorials for all major questions about collage creation.

The collage

This photo hangs in Frieda's and the old wizard's living room. It shows Wedrams castle in the clouds.
Wedram is the destructive and evil weather mage from the east that I told you about in the last round.

I thought I'd show you how he lives. You must have seen that. Who is able to pay such heating and electricity bills? O__O
Can you see any reason there why Wedram is in such a bad mood? If I lived like this, I would be the happiest person in the world (if I were able to pay the bills ^^).
But who knows, maybe Frieda and the old wizard will find the reason for Wedrams behavior in one of the next rounds of the LMAC Contest.

This is my contribution to the LMAC Contest Round 49
Image link: LINK

Material sources

I used two photos as material sources for the castle in my collage. A big part of Neuschwanstein became the main building of Wedrams castle and parts of it became the corner buildings of the wall. The glacier formed the central part and the entrance of the outer castle wall.
The cloud road and the fog are hand painted.

The template

This photography needed to be the starting point for a contribution to the LMAC contest round 49.
I was shot by @photoark.
Photo by @photoark


From Pixabay: LINK

Glacier in Argentina

From Pixabay: LINK

The whole process in one GIF

As in every round, I'll show you a time lapse of the creation of the collage.

Best regards

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