Thieves in Iduna's garden - Collage - LMAC 58

Hello Hivians,

Iduna actually wanted to move from Asgard to Midgard because things are too wild for her on Asgard Castle. The constant excess of alcohol and the battle cries wear down her tender soul.
Odin was beside himself when he learned that Iduna, the keeper of the Apples of Rejuvenation, wanted to move away.
"What will become of us when she's away? Without her apples, we'll soon look like raisins and then we'll break down on the battlefields." The other gods were running around wildly, whispering frantically and having been very excited since Iduna's announcement.
So Iduna promised that she would send apples every month and that any of the other gods could visit her whenever they wanted.
Odin calmed down as did the other gods.

So Iduna created a new garden in Midgard, more precisely in southern Germania, near the alps, where a funny speaking tribe lives. The sun always shines a lot there, so good for Idunas apples.
With divine hand, she also quickly created the pond for watering the trees.
Everything went wonderfully. The apples grew just as well as they did in Asgard.
But the joy of life in peaceful Midgard did not last long.
Again and again apples were missing from the trees in Iduna's new garden. Iduna has a contract with the Midgard animals. They would never dare to take her apples. So they couldn't be the culprits.
But who was it then?
One day when Iduna was looking out a window in her tower, she saw what was going on.
The people of the nearby village sneaked out of the bushes and from behind trees into Iduna's garden to steal the valued fruits.
Iduna didn't want to accept such misdeed.

At the next day she laid in wait in her garden, but didn't have to wait long. Soon another villager was sneaking into the garden.
Iduna waited until the thief was caught red-handed, then roared as loudly and horribly as possible, and then threw a fat apple on the thief's head. The guy was running like a turkey before Thanksgiving.

No villager has been seen in Iduna's garden since then. The frightened thief claimed that there was a gang of trolls protecting the apples. He claimed it only out of shame because he was driven away by a single woman.
The big blue mark on his face would prove it.

The collage

LMAC is a great community for artists of all skill levels. The name of the community is an abbreviation and stands for "Let's make a collage". Just take a look. Even if you think you are not an artist, LMAC will prove you wrong.

This is my contribution to the LMAC Contest Round 58.

My contribution to the LMAC 58

Tools I used

This collage was made with help of different tools. In detail, Blender 2.8.x, Gimp 2.10.x, Make Human Community.
You all know GIMP, but not so many know both of the other tools. Blender is (among other purposes) a 3D modelling software and is very very mighty. Make Human is also a 3D modelling software, but this one is only made for creating humanoid 3D models.
I used GIMP for all the image manipulation work, such as hand-drawings, light setup, assemblage.
Blender was used for creating poses and detail work for the humanoid characters, which I created in Make Human.

I'm using 3D models for elements in my collages since LMAC 55 and it feels almost like a liberation. Because so I can have what I need by just making it by-myself. And it enables me do work far more conceptual than before I became this idea.
Reason enough to do it much more intensively in my future collages.


The collage contains parts of multiple images. I took some from Pixabay. All the images I took from there are free to use.
I also used the beautiful background image, which is a template photo provided by @shaka. It is the starting point in this collage.
As already told in the "Tools I used" section, I created the humanoid characters by-myself.
So also the fog over the water, the water effects, the lighting effects, lights, shadows, etc.

Basket full of applesImage on Pixabay
Different bushesImage on Pixabay
Iduna's apples trees.Image on Pixabay
Rocky coast (the pond)Image on Pixabay
The waterfallImage on Pixabay
Iduna's apple(s)Image on Pixabay
Running guy - Hand-madeGuyRunningPreview.png
Iduna's towerTowerPreview.png

If you are interested in the pose files, just write me a comment. I then upload them to a filehoster.


This is the amazing photography by @shaka. It is the starting point in my collage.

Template by @shaka

The process in one GIF


Best regards

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