The spell of the gnomes (LMAC 72)


Finally I take part in the LMAC competition again after a long time. I really enjoyed it and I missed it a lot. Actually, I didn't want to stop because it was just so nice to deal with the fantastic world. But I had the deadline looming over my head, which forced me to make the final cut.

As always at this point a little story first...

Once upon a time there was a very gifted photographer called @shaka. Several times a year he strolled through mountains and forests to photograph all the beautiful things in our world.
He has seen and photographed many wondrous places, but when he once came across a clearing in an enchanted forest on a beautiful summer morning, he discovered something that he had never seen before.

There was a tiny little settlement with tiny little people living in little houses inside the trunks of the trees.
He was very happy about his fascinating discovery and quickly snapped one photo after the other of these tiny people and the settlement. All the world should know about it, he was gripped by ambition.
The little people, however, were not at all happy to be discovered. They feared that their village would soon be on everyone's lips and in everyone's ears.
So almost all of them quickly disappeared into the tiny houses. But Damond Rockson, the head of the Gnome Clan, just came from the outhouse and was really scared to be suddenly faced by the gigantic stranger.
Out of self-defense, he didn't hesitate to enchant @shaka so that he should go home and forget what he saw there.

So he raised his tiny arms and loudly chanted the spell..

Clong, clong, head is empty like a drum.
Beep, beep, no proof you need.
Clong, clong, never again you come!
Beep, beep, scratched from all sheet.

So @shaka immediately turned around and went home. By magic, all evidences from his photos disappeared. Only the forest could be seen depcited, no trace of the little people and their tiny settlement.
And when he chose the template photos for round 72 of the LMAC contest, he didn't even remember the slightest thing about what he once experienced there.
It has also often happened in the past few rounds that Shaka chose templates on which little people, magical beings and incredible wonders were once depicted. But the spell doesn't work for everyone. There are indeed some people who are able to see the magical wonders on Shakas template photograpies.

The collage

This is my contribution to the round 72 of the LMAC collage art contest.
LMAC is a great community for artists of all skill levels. The name of the community is an abbreviation and stands for "Let's make a collage". Just take a look. Even if you think you are not an artist, LMAC will probably prove you wrong.

Here you can see Damond Rockson coming out of the toilett house.

How i did it

Not as usual, I did not use any parts of other images for this collage. Instead, I painted all the additions to the template photography myself in GIMP.

Shakas template photography

Are you able to see the little people and their little settlement?


The process in one GIF


Best regards

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