Close encounter - LMAC 60

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to submit the collage on time. Even if I know that I'm out of the race for this round, I'll post my post anyway and wish all participants good luck. :-)

As always, a story first ...

Professor Albert Kalkstein, a great researcher in the field of marine biology, is busy working on a project in his underwater laboratory.
He really wants to prove to the world that there are no mermaids in the oceans.
While he is still calibrating the sensors, the computer reports an approaching object. The sensors indicate that it is an unknown life form.

His heartbeat is getting faster ... The excitement almost overwhelms him ... "Relax, old boy. You are a scientist!", he calms himself down.

He wants to finish calibrating the sensors quickly for better recognition of the object, so he enters the data as quickly as he can.
He's very focused right now and keeps both eyes fixed on the values ​​on the screen so that he cannot miss anything.

"x = 5, y = 32.441, z = 81.4, t = 44.241, ..." ... he whispers quietly to himself.

Meanwhile, the housefly, sitting on the left laboratory wall, observes a visitor as she comes closer and closer and finally observes the professor through the large laboratory window.
She does that for quite a while, but the professor doesn't even look up at her. He is too busy calibrating his sensors and looking at the data on the display.
However, the beautiful mermaid, who she really is, slowly get bored and so she swim away.

*BEEP* "The sensors can no longer detect the unknown object." ... the computer calls over the loudspeakers.

Professor: "Damn it, now it's gone. Anyway, it doesn't matter, it's probably just a boring school of fish or a sensor error."

My collage

This is my contribution for the LMAC Contest Round 60.
LMAC is a great community with weekly collage making competitions. Take a look and awaken the artist in yourself.



The collage contains parts of multiple images. I took the two of them from Pixabay. The images are free to use. The other images are made by-myself in Blender, a 3D modelling tool. And except the background image, which was a template photo provided by @shaka.
I hand-painted the fences, rays and light & shadow.

Template by shaka


Handmade materials

I created the laboratory, the scientiest and the devices in the laboratory by-myself in Blender and rendered it with the Cycles renderer.
The part of the collage behind the laboratory window was made in GIMP. Also light and color corrections were made in GIMP.

The Blender setup...


The GIMP setup...


The computer screen textures made in GIMP...



All the other textures (and model materials) are proceduraly generated. So it's created on the fly when rendering a 3D scene and cannot posted as image without further ado.

Images from Pixabay

The tail of the mermaid...
Pixabay link: Click


The body of the mermaid...
Pixabay link: Click


Creation process in one GIF

Unfortunately I can't deliver a GIF today. In the meantime, while creating the collage, I forgot to document the process too often. So I don't have enough artwork for a GIF.

Best regards

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