Berta and the nasty gnome - LMAC 64

Hello Hivians,

Once upon a time there was a tiny and very stingy gnome. He was so stingy that he preferred to live in an old tree stump instead of building a nice house in the Gnome Village.
He also had a little goat called Berta which lived in the paddock behind his stump house. He loved the fresh goat milk. But the goat was not very happy with her employer. Day in and day out she only got old turnips to eat and the gnome didn't want to spend any gold on building a stable for her. So she stood in the paddock whatever the weather.

Winter soon came over the land. It was getting bitterly cold.

As every morning the gnome went out to the paddock to milk the goat.
When he grabbed the goat's udder, she bleated...
"Maaaa... Build me a stable, I'm freezing. Can't you feel my cold udders?"
The gnome frowned and replied, "Too expensive. Hold on a little longer. In a few weeks it will be spring." ... milked and went back into his well heated house.

The next morning, when the gnome returned to the goat to be milked, the goat bleated again.
"Maaaaa ... Please, if you are too stingy to build me a stable, please buy me a blanket. It's so cold out here. Especially at night."
The gnome frowned again and replied... "Then I would have to go down to the village. That won't work, someone has to look for the fire in the house. Hold on, spring will definitely come soon." ... milked the goat and went back into the house.

Before he went to the goat the next morning, he heard the goat bleating loudly from paddock ... "Maaaa, maaaa, maaaa ...."
He quickly ran out of the house to see what was going on.
The goat stood there and was really pissed off.
"Maaaa ... I was freezing again all night long again. At least let me warm up in the house before you milk me."
The gnome then frowned again and said ... "Dear goat, I just turned the stove down. Then I would have to put on another piece of log for you in the stove. That is really way too expensive for me. Hold on just a little longer. The spring will come soon!"

"Maaaa ..." ... The goat pulled her bundle out from behind a fence post, jumped over the fence and called ... "Maaa, if I have to freeze out here you shouldn't get any milk from me. I am hereby resigning and I will find a more grateful gnome!" ... and moved away.

... and if he has not died yet, the gnome is still sitting in his warm stump without his beloved fresh goat's milk.

The collage


LMAC is a great community for artists of all skill levels. The name of the community is an abbreviation and stands for "Let's make a collage". Just take a look. Even if you think you are not an artist, LMAC will probably prove you wrong.

This is my contribution to the LMAC Contest Round 64.

Tools I used

  • Gimp 2.10.20 for all of the image manipulation works.
  • MakeHumanCommunity for creating the body of the gnome.
  • Blender 2.91 for all of the 3D modelling and posing works.


The collage contains parts of multiple images. I took a few of them from Pixabay. The images there are free to use.
The other images are made by-myself in Blender, a 3D modelling tool. And except the background image, which was a template photo provided by @shaka.
I painted all the snow by hand on various objects, as well as light and shadow.

For the collage, I needed more space on the canvas. Therefore, I extended the template photo using mirroring. Then I brought chaos into the mirrored part in order to have a normal distribution of details over the entire canvas, which makes it much more realistic. I did this with the clone brush in GIMP by repeatedly painting parts of the original over the mirrored side, sometimes randomly, sometimes specifically.

@shaka's template photo

The beautiful template photo for this LMAC round, provided and photographed by @shaka.

Template photo

List of materials

The tree stump.Pixabay link: Click here
The goat.Pixabay link: Click here
The teeth for the goat.Pixabay link: Click here
The sack on the stick.Pixabay link: Click here
The pile of firewood.Pixabay link: Click here
Homemade: The door of the stump house.Door.png
Homemade: The right window.WIndow.png
Homemade: The left window.WIndow2.png
Homemade: The front fence.FenceXY.png
Homemade: The fence on the right side.FenceZY.png
Homemade: The chimney.Chimney.png
Homemade: The barrel.Barrel.png
Homemade: The gnome.Gnome.png

The creation process in one GIF


Best regards

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