LIL-: Artwork submission, Building the LMAC Image Library

Hello everyone...
So the let's make a collage contest is still on summer vacation but lmacians were asked to submit free to use images/art, this is actually a wonderful idea, it will enable use our own images for the contest.

I'm not a photographer so I decided to create artworks, paying more attention to the most commonly used items in our collages.

I also saved them in PNG format so it will be very easy to add to the collages without battling with taking out backgrounds

Fairy Fairy, Colourful creature,Fairies, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures
Fairy. Fairy,Colourful creature, Fairies, Fantasy,Fantasy Creature
Grass. Grass, field, Greenfield, plant
Flower. Flower, Green flower, plant
Birds. Birds, Flying birds, Black birds
Tree. Tree, Green tree, Plant
Cloud. Cloud, Sky, blue cllid
Sun. Sun, Sunlight, Moon, Full moon
Apple. Apple, Fruit, Red apple

I hope you like it
Thanks for visiting my blog, have a wonderful day/night....
Cheers 💞💞

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