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Let's Make A Collage Contest: Round 136

My design

Hello friends how are you? Hope you all are well. I am also well. Today I am participating in photo design competition organized by Let's Make A College. I have presented my designed picture in front of you. Hope you like it. Let's see.


original picture

Original photo submitted by me for this contest. I can participate in the collage contest and there is a link below to redirect you to the original post
Let's have a collage contest

Images and Sources

All Images used are copyright free.

MyFirst photo


Photo sorce


Photo sorce


Photo source

I have taken these images from pixabay site. Absolutely free. Here I have a girl standing next to a flowing stream with her arms raised. Feeling the fresh air. A beautiful butterfly is flying by. I understand the beauty of nature with this designed image. How do we find joy. Hope you like it. Thank you all.

My Post link

[I used pixellab apps for this design. Through these apps I edited and designed.]

[apps name]



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