LMAC Contest #136 - Invader


The beasts of the past may well be the sacred explorers, with their own angels that pray for them. And the people thought of these strange sky incomers as a threat to their existence. What if that creature was trying to dig out the ground underneath it’s natural habitat, because of the endless noise coming from down below… After all, maybe the people are the strangers to this world.

Hello dear LMAC fans,
I hope you like my collage above. After taking a look into the base image I tried to find a medieval warrior. Later the warrior inspired me the Greek mythology. As I was looking for a creature to place on the skies, I found the lovely snail pose. And to create a contrast of ground and sky, I added the forest theme in the background. Lastly to give a mysterious feeling I placed the angel in between the woods.

All the public sources are listed down. By the way if you would like to check the contest page please follow the link:

All the best…

Public domain resources:

1. Base image by @shaka

2. YELLOW SNAIL - POSE 4 by @borjan

3. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

4. Image by eko hernowo from Pixabay

5. Image by Bernd from Pixabay

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