LMAC Contest #129 - Sip


Hi there LMAC fans...
What a great view in front of the gorgeous mountains, right?
What a space there...

I think it would be fantastic to watch the rain in such a volume... Or may be snow...

On the other hand, I wanted to experiment an algorithmic approach in this round. In order to achieve this, I sampled the pixel color with a large circle. And this circle only has a stroke not a filling. When I felt the texture is ok to go, then I introduced lines and small squares to imitate rain and snow.

Finally I needed a viewer to enjoy this weather. And I found the statue figure from @seckorama. I thought it would be a good choice because of the glass he is holding. Maybe he wants to take a sip from the freshness...

Hope you enjoy the idea...

By the way, if you would like to check out contest page and enjoy all the other creative works, please visit the link below:

Until next time 🖐

Public domain resources:

1. Base image by @shaka

2. Statue by @seckorama

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