LMAC Contest #117 - Day of Reckoning

Day of reckoning.jpg

Do you feel sometimes that you leave yourself but keep the feelings with you? You are in a deserted dark place now.

I dont think this way is a bad thing. Just being seperated. But not too long, otherwise you may loose yourself :)

Hello dear LMAC fans,
I hope you like this collage for the LMAC round #117.

I thought of reflecting the idea of what remains in us is the feelings after moments experienced.

I wish nobody has to feel darkness in a harmful way.

PS: Alternatively the collage may represent the monday syndrome :)))

Public domain resources:

1. Base image by @shaka

2. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

3. Image by Architect and artist from Pixabay

4. Image by Architect and artist from Pixabay

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