LIL: LMAC library participation - 5 (Things)

Greetings dear fellow LMACians.
In this post I included emergency call buttons from an elevator, the frontcastle deck from a ship, a lovely sunset over the sea, a corridor inside an accomodation area, stairs, an emergency axe, and two of emergency exit signs. I believe some of them are not really everyday views for most of the people. So I hope you find them unique and useful in your collages.

Emergency button, call, alarm, emergency, wall, metallic, surface
Deck front, deck, ship, forecastle, marine, triangle, winch
Sunset horizon, clouds, colorful, sunset, sky, sea, scenery
Corridor rooms, hotel, motel, accommodation, corridor, silent, long
Stairs handrail, stairs, floor, interior, indoor, flat, step
Axe emergency, break, hang, axe, tool
Exit handrail, indoor, emergency, handle, sign
Exit platform, sea, exit, sunset, view, metal, sky

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