Builders - LMAC #83


What were the first experiments we do during childhood? Throwing things, crashing kitchenware, biting something, building... Actually lots of stuff... Maybe kids are actually experimenting with their body trying to find out the limits. Here in this post, I tried to emphasize the building process. I remember I used to align things to imitate a real-world structure. I believe apart from destruction, kids also love to build 😀

So coming back to this post's goal, as you remember the picture below was the base image to make a collage.

LMAC post of round #83

The first gaze at the picture directly took my attention to the wall on the right side. It was distracting being massive compared to the village down there. I didn't want to crop it so I thought I can use the scale context of it.

Maybe giants are living in this area. They build homes for small people and invite them to settle. And the kids were the main workforce behind this. Giant kids...

Apart from the narrative above, the rest is applying shadows here and there to blend everything together. Also, I see this is noontime. As you know when the sun is at the top lights and shades are more discrete. So I increased the contrast on kids a little bit. And I increased the brightness of the original air to match the highlights on kids.

Image source

And the pillow below is for the kid in the red shirt. I didn't want his knee to get hurt when kneeling 😇 I didn't spend much time searching for it. On the first result page on Pixabay, I found this as a PNG. So no need to cut the background. Took it.

Again this was fun, I hope you find it interesting as well. Stay healthy, happy, wealthy, busy, and hungry...

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