LIL: Impressions of a Vacation on Crete, Greece #2 / LMAC Image Library

Hey LMAC Community <3,

this is my second Contribution to the LIL Project provided by the LMAC Community!
Here u can find my first contribution: @louis88/lil-impressions-of-a-vacation-on-crete-greece-1-lmac-image-library

Recently I was on the Island of Crete and also had my photo equipment with me. Here are a few impressions I was able to capture on the beautiful Greek island. I am glad that @shaka offers the opportunity to provide photos in the LMAC Image Library and it is an honor for me to make my contribution to this as well. The photos were taken with my Sony Alpha 7 II.

More photos of my vacation in Greece will follow soon and will also be made available here in the LMAC Image Library.

Here are the pictures for my seconds contribution!

All Photos are made by myself in July 2021 - Shot with Sony Alpha 7 II

An old rusty Ship, Crete, Greece travel, greece, ship, old ship, rust, sea


Evening Mood of a Clocktower in Ierapetra, Crete, Greece travel, ierapetra, clocktower, sunset, mountains, crete, , greece, hill


Coast on Crete, Greece travel, coast, greece, ocean, rocks, clouds, mountains


Rocks on a Beach at Crete, Greece travel, greece, rocks, ocean


Thanks and Greetings!!!

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