A Blustery Day (LMAC #157)

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I looked at the photo prompt for this week's LMAC and the first things I saw were the cloudy sky and leaves on the ground. It looked slightly like Autumn in the photo, so I decided to make the theme A Blustery Day. I used illustrations from my Little Piggies children's books. I copied and pasted illustrations from our Central Park and Vermont books from Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop. I thought it would be cute to have the one pig taking a photo of the scene with a selfie stick. I drew a quick selfie stick with basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator, then copied them into Photoshop.
Check out the process and final photo below ⬇️

I borrowed the flying leaves from Little Piggies Go To Vermont ⬆️

I pasted them into Photoshop ⬆️

I borrowed the rake and leaf pile from this scene in Little Piggies Go To Vermont ⬆️

I selected this rock wall in Photoshop and pasted a copy onto it's own layer ⬆️

I borrowed this piggy caught in a tree from Little Piggies Go To Central Park. Then I edited the colors in Adobe Illustrator. ⬆️

I pasted the tree behind the new rock wall layer to make it look like it's with the other trees ⬆️

This is the hot air balloon scene in our Vermont book. I changed the colors and pasted this in the background to make it look like it's in the distance ⬆️

I selected this area of the rock wall and created a new layer, so that I could paste a piggy illustration behind it ⬆️

And here's the final ⬇️

Image Sources: My own photoshopped images and illustrations I created in Adobe Illustrator.

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