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My contribution to #LIL and #LMAC Image Gallery

Hello beloved friends who are in this beloved community.

Today as usual I am here before your eyes to contribute to #Lil's post and on this very extraordinary day I will show you a picture of a ladybug that is red and has black spots on its back and I think it is one of a kind ladybugs that are rarely found in my area, it just so happened yesterday afternoon that I saw her in the forest area near my house and of course I immediately took the opportunity to take some pictures of her.

As usual, for taking pictures, I took pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Android cellphone camera and I took pictures from different angles, for editing I used Adobe Lightroom, some of the photos that I have explained below, I have prepared them.

Insect Photo Red Ladybug
Insect Photo Red Ladybug
Insect Photo Red Ladybug
Insect Photo Red Ladybug
Insect Photo Red Ladybug
Insect Photo Red Ladybug

NOTE : I write in Indonesian with the help of Google to translate to English

Camera UsedHandphone
ModelSamsung S20
Wearing LensesMacro Apexel
LocationAceh Forest


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My full name is Edi Suryadi, many friends on hive platforms call my name Idayrus, I come from the country of Indonesia which is especially located in Aceh Province, I was born in 1997 until now I have completed my education in college with a bachelor's degree in Science Communication. I like interesting and unique things and I am also a photography and art lover and new things so on this beloved platform I will share about photography, art, traveling and other interesting things.

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