My first "Collage" ever, and first post to this group

Hi here is my first ever collage, i tought i´d never do one, then i saw a girl get 2$ worth of upvotes for sky photos with text, i will be posting some pretty pretty mediocre collages from here on, you can count on that, "collage lovers"... Is that a thing?

You can like a good collage, (probably)=. But love is a streong word. however, like a prostitute i present to you my first and maybe last ever Collage, it´s pretty sparadic but limeted to "graphics" and "still life", "photography" of mine.

First the images that the so called "collage".... (might i suggest the word "collection"), a lot more likeable, less "fluffy" and "girly". I am EYTHORPHOTO and dont worry, i am safe i n my masculinity and will happily make a "collage",. but i wont use a word that´s been "snobbed up". I come from a working class backround!


The first image is a bus decaying in the open nature of Iceland. He looks fed up :)



I was working on some character ideas for a client and totally empty while walking through the bookstore to steal Magic The Gathering. (great to collect, and are semi "liquid)"

I found these two intriguing for some reason, (must have been drugs). So i took a snapshot of them on their "respected" produckts, and then made these doodlings as my wife stole acrylic paint and pencils. Ofcourse i wouldnt offer them to a client, but i offer them to the "Lets make a Collage" community as a means to get a quick and easy buck! ... but yo they arent bad images. call em "Carl & Jason" and forget your angry ways. chill for the next PHOTO!


This deer was worked from a metal piece and there is light behind it, then i kaboom computerized a little and we got the blue reindeer, wich honestly i like, and think you should appreciate!

Next up is a never before posted image of "Nelly-Fur-Tado" the pink elephant like thing my girlfriend used to have around her house, and became a photo model for me in a seriess of photograph sessions, one of wich was actually one of my first ever posts. wich i dont find at the moment. :)

But she´s a legend. I´m really pulling in the good stuffs now collage people. you are starting to come around, i am starting to come around and getting used to use thre word "collage", maybe even if i sober up i become a moderator and ... Anyways, here she is.... "Nelly-Fuir-Tado"!!!


This grotuesque "painting" was made by friend of ours, "THOBB-STATION", but that´s a whole nother story, his mental state can be summed up with the picture tough.


Then we have 2 rather easy choises, we´ve got a joint, and we´ve got a batch of "Dices", but "Drugs & Dice" keep the boys from telling lies!


I loved doing the "Collage" with you, and will deffinattly do it again, with more enthusiasm and fire from the get-go, I allready am bursting with ideas, For "engagement", wich one of these 10 pictures is your faviorite and why? You will be rewzarded for even passive engagement with #PIZZA and #BEER tokens, some might even get #LUV ,...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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