The Power of Love collage by @eve66

Collage by Eve66

The Power of Love.

My inspiration was the pixabay photo, I thought of a Hollywood movie , an astronaut returning to find his beloved, after saving the world , journalists taking pictures and people celebrating the power of love.
I could not miss a cat on the roof of the building.

image template of @shaka


Remove the background, rotate it to have more space,

Place a pixabay photo in the background with the eraser remove the edges of the buildings to make them look broken.

I darkened the building, placed the lady and the people.

I added a photographer, a yellow cat on top of one of the buildings and a person taking a selfie.

Place some hearts, lighten the astronaut's helmet, group the layers, edit the intensity and color balance.

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"Speak to me of love," says the poet, and I will show you the beginning, the middle and the end of all things, and the source of your own existence."
The Zohar Terumah

Thank you

✂️ Edition by: @eve66 In Photoshop

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