Let’s Make a Collage #82 - Shipwrecked!


Here is my entry this week for the LMAC #82! I call it “Shipwrecked!”

I know it’s a little bare this week, but I ran out of time to create and put more items in. The boat also took a lot longer to make than I thought it would.

Every week I feel like I learn a new skill in Blender from these LMAC challenges, and this week was no different. I learned how to create fire! 🔥 I had never really had a reason to set anything on virtual fire before, but it was pretty fun 😂

Here is what my rendered image looked like before I imported it into Photoshop. Again, to save on render times, I cut the reference picture in half so it would render black instead of the reference image for places I didn’t need to mess with.


Here is a close up of the busted boat. I created the boat fully intact first, and then went back and started ripping it up. I thought about using the rocks from my previous entry but decided it was easy enough to just make them again from scratch.


This is what the boat looks like flipped right-side-up. I reused a wood texture from a previous entry. I can’t remember which one, but the texture is from textures.com

As a side note, I’ve really liked creating water the last two weeks haha.


So when I had the idea to make a campfire, I thought it would be really cool (and quite clever) to take actual pieces of broken “wood” from the boat. I planned on ripping up the boat, and setting aside the pieces of wood to use as the wood for the campfire.

When I started to rip the boat apart, I completely forgot about this idea and just started deleting pieces haha. Oh well. I ended up having to model new pieces of wood for the fire 😂 But the thought was that the wood came from the broken boat.


Another side note: I really enjoyed the colors of this challenge! All the browns and oranges paired with the dark teals were a lot of fun to look at and work with this week.

And of course, here is the reference picture from @shaka


I really enjoyed this week! Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time next week! Thanks for following along!

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