Let's Make A Collage: A Contest For All Hive Creatives | My Entry To The 136th Round

It's nice making another wonderful collage using the image provided to us by @shaka as the reference image. Feel free to join the fun here.

img_0.55184623701979 Image by @shaka

Making this collage demanded that images must be gotten from platforms that are free such as pixabay and LMAC image gallery.
I made a collage of a building close to a river with jellyfish sky and an octopus trying to make fun of the building. Yeah, YouTubers were there watching the funny scene.

My entry collage
In the collage were images from were Hill Top By @sachingeorge, Maple Tree - Summer - Front By @donroberts, Octopus By @yetsimar, Kayaking in the Bay By @agmoore while Sunset beach and Jellyfish were from Pixabay.com
Below is a collage of the images used in my collage.


Thank you so much for stopping by to view my let's make a collage post.

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