Let's Make a Collage - A Contest -Round 63 /Children's Joys at Christmas

Greetings friends, this is my participation in the collage contest number 63. In a forest some children lived in a house with their grandfather because their parents had died and it was their only family. His grandfather had lost his job and told his grandchildren that today there will be no Christmas because he did not have to buy their Christmas gifts and the children were very sad, but they had faith that Santa Claus would bring them their gifts. He was already asleep at midnight when suddenly a star shone on his house and the children went outside to see what was happening, suddenly they see a flash of light and it was Santa Claus passed over and left them a bag full of gifts.The children were filled with great joy and told Santa Merry Christmas

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I hope you like my collage, see you next time.


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