Ronda/167 Light Sleep

Hello friends I am happy to participate again in Let's Make a Collage a contest sponsored by my friend @shaka, I send a special greeting to his great team that accompanies him week by week.

I have several rounds without being able to participate, I have made the collages, but due to lack of time I had not been able to finish them, I had several unfinished collages on my computer. I have been busy these days, but making my collages relaxes me a lot. So I present my participation, I usually have recurring dreams and one of them is to dream that I'm flying and dreams are so vivid that while flying I feel that the air from the heights does not let me breathe well, it's amazing.

I invite you to participate in this wonderful contest using the following link


This is my entry in the Round of 167 Let's Make a Collage.

This is the template for the contest.

The images used are in the public domain included in the white list

Image 1 @alex2alex

Image 2 @alex2alex

Image 3 @alex2alex

Image 4 @jhonmuna

Image 5 @anibal-aa

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Thanks for your support, see you next time.

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