LIL - Images For the LMAC Library: Outdoor Art Gallery in Bivouac Emperom

THE THIRD time participating in the #letsmakeacollage community, I want to share some photos where I have been active so far. That is an art community engaged in a cultural movement called the Kanot Bu Community.

Founded in 2008, Kanot Bu is located in Banda Aceh where its office is a house that is arranged in such a way, which the artists gathered here call it the Bivouac Emperom. This is one of the places where various art events with the theme of social issues are held.

In this post as I mentioned above, I want to show some corners of the Bivouac Emperom which visitors often refer to as an out door art gallery. Next time I will share some photos of activities that have been held in this community. Regards.

Mural art, smokes, colors, outdoor, green, gallery
Installation art television, bottles, plant, green, artivism
Outdoor murals, art, installation, smokes, bamboo
Window wall, arabic, mural, calligraphy
Mirror chard, installation, frame, collage, quote, art, shrinking
Shoes boots, banyan roots, tree, art, installation
Stage guitar, painting, chair, tree, outdoor
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