LIL || Contribution to LMAC's large image librar y

Friends of @Lmac, this is my second contribution to the great lmac image library. My grain of sand to make this a reality and great contribution to the creation of new collages and new ways of illustrating.

Fresh landscape Clouds, tree, green, sky, blue, day.
Snail Mollusks, spiral, totem, animal, mystical, natural
Mushrooms Harvest, cultivation, plants, white
Mushrooms Harvest, cultivation, plants, white
City on the plains culture, joropo, Venezuela, maracas, instruments, music
Farmer Countryside, worker, dance, joropo, music, culture, Apure

I show you a varied compilation of recent dates that I have captured in the day to day, the photographs I have taken with my Samsung j7edge cell phone.

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