"LIL - LMAC -". My image library for the summer special

Hello friends of our community "LMAC" here I want to share with you my ninth contribution to our image library. That every day thanks to the contribution of all with such good images that share, of beautiful places, objects, among others. And our library grows and grows with great images to elaborate all those incredible collages for the return of those well deserved vacations.

Window window - kitchen - kitchenette
Tableware cups - glasses - tableware
Lava with butter - frigadero sweet - cups - glass - Lava with butter - frigadero
Fruit fruit - peaches
Tableware - Teapot cups - glasses - tableware - Teapot
Pastries sweets - food - pastries
syrup and jam in bottles syrup - marmalade - bottle
Spoon spoons - cutlery - teaspoon
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