Let's Make A Collage Round 201: Fantasy Garden.

Hello everyone, welcome to our amazing community Let's Make a Collage contest ably hosted by @shaka. The contest is now in its round 201. To know more about the contest, find out more via this announcement post 👇 @lmac/lets-make-a-collage-a-contest-for-all-creatives-on-hive-round-201-47-hive-in-the-prize-pool

This is my collage:

In this round of collage, I have made a fantasy garden from the contest image. There is also a small grazing field where cattle could be seen foraging. It is also a modern ranch with some overheard lights shinning.

Below are the images I used in making this beautiful collage:

Botanical Garden Arch and Bench by @agmoore

Monsters and Ghouls by @agmoore

Cattle Farm

Lantern by @agmoore

Bird on a Pier Piling by @agmoore

Thats it for now. Lets do this again some other time. Thanks for viewing my collage.

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