LIL: The Image Library for Hive

Do you want to feel good about something today? Take a look at the LMAC Image Library, #LIL. This resource has grown and has become a success solely because of community enthusiasm. Every image in the #LIL gallery has been contributed by a member of the Hive community.

The idea for #LIL originated with @shaka, founder and administrator of LMAC. Through the dedicated work of our genius coder, @quantumg, and @shaka, that idea came to life.

#LIL is an essential expression of decentralization. Join us. Become part of history. Our gallery will rival external image resources. And, our gallery will have unique images that are not available anywhere else.


Today I post an assortment of pictures. Some are photos. Some are art. All were created by me. In some cases I used a Lunapic filter in order to give a picture a certain effect. My art may not reflect great skill, but it is distinctive and original.

I hope to see some of these images in collages, and in other posts on Hive. Everyone is invited to borrow from our library.

By the way, our collage contest is underway. Check it out. Make a collage. You might just win a prize

Art: Puppy Art, Puppy, Dog
Art: Church Chapel Art, Church, Church Chapel
Wooden Elephant Elephant, Wooden Elephant, Ornament
Art: Bears Art, Bear, Bears
Art: Surreal Shack in the Forest Art, Shack in the Forest, Surreal Picture
Printer Printer
Art: House Art, House, Yard
Chair Chair
Art: Interpretive Portrait Art, Portrait, Interpretive Art
Masking Tape Tape, Masking Tape
Art: Fish Art, Fish, Dolphin
Bracelet Jewelry, Bracelet
Eyeball Eyeball, Halloween Decoraction
Brush Brush
Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher
Portable Tape Cassette Player Tape Cassette Player
Cat on a Porch Cat, Cat on a Porch
Colorful Leaf Leaf, Leaves, Grass
Sneakers Sneakers, Feet, Shoes
Pumpkin Pumpkin
Private Parking Sign Private Parking Sign, Sign
Ceramic Frog Frog, Ceramic Frog, Ornament
Art: Wild Place Art, Forest, Swamp, Wild Place
Headphones Headphones
No Exit Sign No Exit Sign
Tachometer Tachometer
Wrapping Tape Wrapping Tape
Portable Radio Radio, Portable Radio
Tree Tree, Art
Patio Umbrella Patio Umbrella
Witch Witch, Halloween Decoration
Table Table, Small Table, Accent Table
Art: Cutting Grass With a Scythe Art, House, Scythe, Child, Yard
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